Saying hello from the painting forge!

A first post is always difficult, what to write? What to tell? Well let’s just start at well.. the start!


Well hello there reader!

A first post is always difficult, what to write? What to tell? Well let’s just start at well.. the start!

So how did all this start?
Deamons At Work started about 2 years ago on facebook, we started asking people if they wanted anything painted or done to their wargaming armies in exchange for cash or even more miniatures. This quickly grew to a more sustainable business and we truly enjoyed working on the miniatures for our clients.

And this blog? What’s it for?
This blog is more focussed on getting our work posted in just one place, making sure visitors see what we are about and showing what we have been up to! The blog will mostly be commission painting focussed, with maybe small tutorials thrown in here and there.

Any ambitions? Anything to accomplish?
Yes! We are trying to get closer to our clients and spread the business a tad more. New and more commissions are very welcome, and this blog is a good start at reaching our future clients… Which will hopefully be you!

Enjoy your stay!


New year, new ambitions!

Well hello there reader!

Welcome to 2018, I know I know I am a week late with this, but to be fair, it’s been worth waiting for!

As 2018 approached I had to start thinking on what exactly I wanted for the year. 2017 had been a good year with many comissions and finishing a grand total of 512 miniatures! 

So 2018 holds many promises, many new ideas and many more months to work on awesome comissions and awesome models.

So what did I start with?

Some deathguard ofcourse!

And now the big shock… Some LOTR and the Hobbit miniatures! I always wanted to venture into this game, and now finally saw my chance! Easterlings always have been very interesting to me details wise, so they quickly appeared on my painting desk!

Hope all of you are inspired for 2018 and will start many new cool projects!


Start of a personal new project!

So with all the words about the impending death guard release, I quickly found my attention diverted to them…

The death guard models released by GW so far have been amazing so far, even though the pictures barely show any of the Dark Imperium models, it’s still a good start for colour experiments and just exploring the diversity of nurgle!

As you can see, here is just a quick group shot of the project so far, but let’s focus more on the coolest of the bunch: the converted putrid blightkings

As you can see, I really went for the pre heresy look, but with the added twist of many washes and glazes to create a truly disgusting look on them!

Now first up are some more commissions (iron warriors and khorne armies incoming!) But after that more death guard are to be expected!

Would love to hear what you guys think of them!